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As an update, FORM Home Realty is now proud to call ourselves part of the Black Phoenix Group. We're excited for our new merger and the opportunity to provide so much more to all our wonderful clients. 

A Premium Residential & Commercial Brokerage

Black Phoenix Group is committed to exceptional real estate services that embrace communication, technology, and knowledge honed over 16 years of experience. With BPG, the client is the priority.


As a client, you can expect a personalized process tailored to your individual needs. We move at your pace, guiding you through a transaction with patience, understanding, and steadfastness. When you work with us, you're family, be it before, during, or after the transaction is complete. 

A Distinctly Personalized Experience

Real estate can be complex and, at times, arduous. It's not a streamlined process because no two transactions are identical. We take a more rooted approach with our clients. Crafting a strategy grounded in expertise yet flexible enough to be modified as needed. Our client-centered process is constructed based on the client's goals and desires, allowing us to facilitate a transition founded on trust, respect, and professionalism.  

We leverage technology and data as a method of approach to our real estate process, allowing us to determine/maintain a fundamental understanding of market movement, pricing, and strategy. Real estate demands an essential knowledge of the process, value, locations, and long-term investment. We provide a wealth of knowledge to our clients so that they can make calculated and informed decisions.

Our marketing is based on a proven track record of results. We utilize multiple forms of media in correlation with exclusive practices to illuminate and feature each home's uniqueness and significance. Our marketing plans are created with an understanding of your home's intrinsic, financial, and emotional value. Each project is unique and tailored with your home in mind. 

The relationship with our clients is how we define the value of our brokerage. Quite simply, without the you, there is no brokerage. We take that kind of significance to heart when interacting with our clients. We're bespoke in our approach, producing a meaningful experience that is distinct and unique. Your dream is our goal. We bring the knowledge, personal touch, and patience needed during real estate transactions. 

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