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Our Process 

The Black Phoenix Group understands the unique complexities that come along with selling a home. Regardless of your expertise, we're here to guide you through the home-selling process. We are expertly trained and prepared to provide professional representation, marketing, and guidance during the most critical of negotiations. Your dream starts here. 

The Process Starts here

First Meeting

Everything great in this world starts with a meeting. Our initial consultation is a chance for us to meet, review the process, discuss the home, and answer questions. We go into detail about what you can expect in the coming weeks and months. Our process is tailored to fit the individual client's needs. We understand that your home is unique. That requires a special touch and expert marketing. 


After our first meeting, we create a listing packet consisting of our report on your home. This will include sales statistics, comparables, market trends, and demographic information. We utilize this information to target the correct buyer for your home, specifically. 

Once this process is complete, we head to the marketing prep phase. 

Interior Designer

Professional Photographer

Video Walkthrough

Aerial Photography



Market prep is probably the most critical part (next to the actual listing day). It's during this period that we prepare your home for the market. Once again, this is a tailored process for your unique home. We utilize professionals every step of the way to ensure that your home shines like a diamond for listing day.


The first person through the door is our on-staff interior designer. Her job is to provide you with insight on how to prepare and stage your home for listing. Once that is completed, we head into professional photography and video photography/ aerial photography. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. The best part is that we take care of everything --you can sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Listing Day

Listing Day is a more important day. It's when the culmination of our work comes to fruition. Once your home hits on the MLS (See Below), it will feed out to all of the broker specific sites (as well as the major search engines). But we take it a step further and make sure that your home has social media exposure. 


It's essential that we meet the buyer where they spend their time; this is why the digital component for our listing is the most crucial part of our package. Buyers are savvy, and they won't look at a home if it's not marketed correctly. 


We have a set of digital interfaces that you will interact with during your listing period. We will go into greater detail below. 


Just know that these first few weeks will be the most important. 

Market Exposure

In today's environment, digital market exposure is critical. Gone are the days of paper advertising. The buyer of today is a savvy individual who has access to more information than ever before. 


This is why it's essential to meet the buyer where they're looking. Our thorough process implements a combination of MLS, Social Media, and Targeted Ad exposure.  


Our marketing is spread throughout numerous platforms in order to have the most significant impact. 


Starting with the Realtor MLS, your listing feeds out to every broker-specific site as well as the big three (Zillow,, and Trulia). This means that thousands of buyers will instantly have access to the marketing we've created. 


Next is social media exposure. Countless buyers are starting to look for their next home on social media. Think of Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin as digital neighborhoods. If your home isn't on there, you're missing out on thousands of potential clients. 


Lastly is the targeted ads. We utilize RPR (Realtor Property Resource) to create a buyer profile for your home. This allows us to target individuals who would be interested in your home more effectively. 


Below is an example of how your home feeds through the various sites.

The road to Close

The goal of the Black Phoenix Group is to provide exceptional service through constant professionalism and guidance.  This means getting you to the end, feeling happy and satisfied with the process. 


A few of the tools we use to make this process easier are 


Remine (a digital paperwork system)

ShowingTime (an appointment/ feedback platform)

Google Calendar (to keep you apprised of important dates)


As we discussed previously, we implement numerous digital platforms to aid us in creating a paperless process. But we also understand that there is no platform better than good old fashion human interaction. This is why we're always accessible throughout the process. We appreciate that this is likely one of your most substantial investments, and we don't take that lightly.


Selling your home is our number one responsibility and priority. 

remine-docs -logo-01_1200x630.png

Start today

Our team is standing by to help you through this home selling experience. Reach out today and set up your seller consultation.

Also, check out our free sellers guide below!

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