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How To Know You’re Getting A Good Price

Most buyers and sellers know the old saying, “buy low, sell high.” But what is a reasonable price for your home?

The pricing question can be challenging to answer with precision because each property is different. Many factors go into setting a fair price for your house on the market. Here are five measures you should take before deciding on a listing price:

-Size of the home

You need to consider the size of your home when selling. People often forget this, but it's essential! The square footage and dimensions determine how much value there is in something- so make sure you know them beforehand (or at least have an idea).

-What other houses in the neighborhood have sold for? How much is your house worth? Consider the market in your area; it's essential to know how other homes on the street have sold.

-Conditions of the home Condition is one of the most critical aspects you need to consider when selling your home. You want buyers who are excited about purchasing, so it's best if they can see a beautiful place in good condition from their initial walkthroughs.

-Condition of the landscaping The condition of your home's landscaping can make a big difference when selling the property. It is essential to get this right as it will reflect positively on both you and also impress buyers with its presentation.

-The condition of any recent renovations made to improve curb appeal or features inside your home To sell your home, you need a professional and presentable exterior. This includes any recent renovations made inside or outside of the house that might impact its curb appeal.

If you are still unsure of what to charge for your home, contact us at 1.515.494.7772. We will accurately assess the current market and how much similar homes are selling in your area. It is best not to underprice your home as this can lead to missed opportunities, but it is also important not to overprice your home and scare away potential buyers. With these seven measures in mind, you should be able to find the right price for your property and get it sold quickly!

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