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10 common mistakes when selling a house!

So, you're selling your house. Congratulations – it's a huge accomplishment! But before you can pop that champagne, there are a few things you need to take care of. Here are the 10 most common mistakes people make when selling their homes. Avoid these pitfalls and you'll be on your way to a successful sale!

1. Neglecting to fix up the exterior of your house

2. Hiring a realtor without seeing what they have done for other clients

3. Putting too many personal touches in the house

4. Not getting an inspection done before you put it on the market

5. Not decluttering your home before listing.

6. Listing during a slow time of year. Not every season is the same for every home.

7 . Trying to sell your home at a price higher than what is realistic in your area

8 . Waiting too long to make repairs or update features

9 . Expect buyers who are looking for something specific and ignore those who aren't.

10 . Not having your home ready to show. Your house should always look its best when you have a showing.

We hope that this article has given you some insight into how to sell your house. Even if it doesn’t, we want to be the ones who help you find a solution for selling your home fast and without any hassle. If you are in need of assistance with selling your property or have questions about our services, please feel free to call us at 1-515-494-7772.

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