Foundation In Faith

Black Phoenix Group's foundation is rooted in faith and a commitment to both personal and spiritual growth. Religious dedication through Buddhist and Christian values define our Brokerage and strengthen our interactions with our clients. Through daily practice of these principles, we find purpose, meaning, clarity, and passion; and a way of conducting ourselves in our industry, our community, and our personal lives.

Daily Commitment

The Four Noble Truths
  1. Suffering (Dukkha)

  2. Origin of suffering (Samudāya)

  3. End of suffering (Nirodha)

  4. The path (Magga)

  1. Right understanding (Samma ditthi)

  2. Right thought (Samma sankappa)

  3. Right speech (Samma vaca)

  4. Right action (Samma kammanta)

  5. Right livelihood (Samma ajiva)

  6. Right effort (Samma vayama)

  7. Right mindfulness (Samma sati)

  8. Right concentration (Samma samadhi)